Jason's Art Project for Class

For intro to art history

Personal Perspective #1   The meaning expressed by this is a tribute to everyone who ever shouldered a burden that was too much.  In the sculpture the burden is a large stone but it could be symbolic of more.  The beautiful young girl that is crushed underneath the block doesn’t appear to be in pain or a struggle, her face appears determined as though she will continue to bear her burden regardless of the situation.   I think this piece was created as art, with no physical use.  I think the purpose of this piece is that Rodin is making a statement to the artists that made columns with women as the centerpieces.  I think he is saying that while the columns in Greece are beautiful they should have used strong, burly men instead.   I was drawn to this piece because I read the artist’s name in a book when I was a kid and I needed to come up with something to add to my Google Art Project Gallery.  I prefer “pretty” art and the woman, while contorted under her rock, is pretty.  The smooth lines of the sculpture contrasted with the roughness of the block as well as the lower rock that she is on top of appear to be more textured. 
Credits: All media
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