Parks and lakes

This gallery shows all of the beautiful parks and lakes of the world

Santa Elena Canyon. It is often considered the most dramatically beautiful. Santa Elena has the tallest cliffs forming the canyon wall—up to 1,500 feet. I chose this because I loved how serene it was.
Over eons, rivers and glaciers somehow carved 3,000 feet into solid granite to create Yosemite Valley. The nuances of the Valley form spectacular rock formations. This picture is so calming to see.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park straddles the border of North Carolina and Tennessee. I like this one because I've been there and it hits close to home.
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is the first large canyon on the Yellowstone River downstream from Yellowstone Falls in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. This picture is so beautiful.
Niagara Falls is a city in Niagara County, New York, United States. Also this painting looks so amazing it is so serene
Grand Teton National Park is in the northwest of the U.S state of Wyoming. This is the most serene painting I have ever seen and makes me feel so calm
Little Harbor Island is in the Glen Island Group on Lake George. This picture is such an amazing picture.
I picked this piece because it really captures the beauty of a sunset. What makes it even better is that the artist was able to capture the sunset in the valley.
i chose this image because the picture is so beautiful and raw. Its not so filtered or photoshopped. It is just the picture.
Just like the picture before i chose it for the same reason. It is so beautiful. Also it is raw so there is no filters or anything on it
This picture is so vintage. I like it because its so vintage. Also i liked the railroad
I also like this because it looks very vintage. I also like it because the beach looks pretty and so does the beach house
I like this because like the other ones it looks vintage. I like how it looks in the picture with the fog, waves, and the rocks
I like this painting because it looks so peaceful and calm. It is so beautiful
I like this picture like the other ones because it looks vintage. Also the way the rock was formed just by nature is fascinating
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