David Apodaca: Humanity in 10 pictures

Humanity started out in the dark. We have moved ever forward trying to overcome our own shortcomings. With these pieces of art I have highlighted how humanity started and up until where we are today. Humans are the only creatures on earth that has the capacity to love, hate, accept, and learn. 

Light coming through darkness. The composition of this piece represents the beginning of humanity. If you’re religious, this is God saying, “Let there be light.” If you’re not, this is the big bang. Maybe it’s both for you. Either way it’s the beginning.
The birth of the Roman Goddess Venus. This image represents mans ability to love. We love many things throughout our lives people, possessions, and animals to name a few. The picture shows how humanity would rush to nurture and protect that which we love.
Christ approaching his people. This painting shows humanities deep desire to believe in something greater then itself. Religious or not humanity is driven by a force to uncover the mysteries of the world.
The Crucifixion of Christ. This highlights a darker side of humanity. Though we may strive to believe in something greater and though we may believe in it we are ultimately capable of destroying it. Humanity continues to struggle with this aspect.
The rise of evil powers. This poster takes us deeper into humanities dark nature. We’re jealous. We think ourselves better then others. And we’re willing to hurt others to prove our point. We see here the Nazis and then other world powers who rode on their coattails. Can we change?
A soldier. Here we see a side of humanity that is willing to sacrifice itself to help others. We see that though humanity has dark aspects there are those that will stand up against that evil.
The murder of innocence. Here we see the depiction of three innocent men being killed for their beliefs. Once again humanity shows its disgust at those that are different. Why is it so hard for humanity to realize that we may be different, but we’re the still the same. It is after all, the Human Race.
Martin Luther King, Jr. This picture shows that one man can make a difference. It shows humanities willingness to overcome. Overcome fear. Overcome prejudice. Overcome hate. Humanity has a voice.
Man helping another. Humanity shows how it’s trying to overcome its past. Maybe it can put aside racism, hate, and prejudice. Only time will tell.
Blind man. Humanity’s future is still unknown. We continue to stumble around in the dark as though we’re blind. Every day we strive to move forward.
Credits: All media
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