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Everyone goes through a rut in their life--whether it be in relationships, at work, or just with life in general. When you're feeling down and want some outside perspective, just pick up one of these books and get to reading. They'll help you reflect on your situation, change your outlook, and find the happiness you need to keep on going. 

“The Empathy Exams” by Leslie Jamison Looking for a bit of insight on your relationship? Look no further than Leslie Jamison’s “The Empathy Exams”—a book full of introspection, raw honesty, and open reflection. Leslie speaks of her role as a medical actor, pretending to have symptoms and faking emotions to receive empathy from people in training, and finds truths of her own about empathy in return. This book is for anyone who’s ever felt like people don’t care about you enough, it urges you to rethink what it means to be cared for. Through Leslie’s experiences with her boyfriend during her abortion and dealing with a heart disease, anyone can find pieces of themselves and their weak spots in their relationships. You’ll learn that sometimes “imaging someone else’s pain with too much surety can be as damaging as failing to imagine it,” and that not everybody shows they care in the same way. With this book, you can cut your stress levels in half and start to appreciate the good things about your relationships instead of all of the things you spend your time worrying about. It’s not too late to change the way you think about your feelings! “Before reading this book, I spent so much time feeling sorry for myself that I forgot how to appreciate the people around me. The Empathy Exams changed my life for the better!” – Shia Labeouf
"The Feminine Mystique" by Betty Friedan Ladies, do you ever get the feeling that something is missing from your life? If so, you're not alone! Join the 50 million women who have discovered the wonder that is Betty Friedan's "The Feminine Mystique". Written in 1963, this provocative work calls to attention the issues women were facing when compared to their male counterparts. Although much has changed since the time of her writing, many of the challenges she discusses are still prevalent in society today—the gender pay gap, beauty expectations, being mocked for being too emotional, and so on. She calls this “the problem that has no name” in reference to the indescribable emptiness that women felt in their lives—something women still feel to this day! In this book, you will learn to take control of your life and stop letting men drag you down. As Betty says: “the chains that bind her in her trap are chains in her own mind and spirit.” YOU are in control of your happiness and your worth, and it’s time to start acting like it! Grab this book and start showing men what you’re made of! “Not only did this start the second wave of feminism back then, it’s exactly what we need to keep the wave going today!” –Lena Dunham
“Age of Empathy” by Frans De Waal Primatologist and ethologist Frans de Waal offers a unique piece of writing that questions the way we view mankind and calls for a “kinder society” in his book “The Age of Empathy.” Bringing advice to the table that everyone could stand to use, de Waal squashes the myth of human machoism by drawing connection between man and monkey in ways we never considered before. A fascinating ego-check, the Age of Empathy shows us that we aren’t always the strong people that we think we are, and that it’s alright to rely on others from time to time. He says “every human life cycle includes stages at which we either depends on others (when we are young, old, or sick) or others depends on us,” to allow us to reflect on the importance of social networks and safety in others. This book will surprise you with its truths—humans weren’t and aren’t always focused on warfare; there are times when we have to band with others to continue growing as a group. If you don’t believe it, just read the book yourself and prove de Waal wrong? “De Waal’s book made me rethink the way I portray myself to the world. I don’t think I need to act as tough as I usually do, it’s time to start showing some love to everyone!” – Justin Bieber
“The Most Human Human” by Brian Christian You may be tired of hearing how dependent we are technology in today’s society, but Brian Christian provides a new approach to this common argument in his work “The Most Human Human.” With the perspective of someone competing in a Turing test to convince the people he is communicating with that he is in fact human and not just another machine, Christian provides us with advice on how to maintain our authenticity in a world that’s becoming increasingly computerized. And with this, he provokes the question “What is the process by which someone comes into our life and comes to mean something to us?” Instead of focusing on the capabilities of machines, Christian focuses on what he calls the “confederates”—real people struggling to prove that they are in fact human, something that many of us could gain to shift our attention to. Discover how to display your emotions properly, improve your linguistic abilities by 45%, and cherish the friendships and communications you have before it’s too late! “Brian Christian opened my eyes to the reality of technology today in a refreshing way. I’m going to stop using Twitter and start using personal interaction for the first time in a while!” –Jaden Smith
“Working” by Studs Terkel Follow the lives of everyday people in their jobs—their triumphs, their regrets, their outlooks—through Studs’ interviews in this book. You’ll see the good, the bad, and the ugly, from corporate executives to hookers and everything in between. If you’re in a rut in your job and wish things could be better, you NEED this book. It’s a book packed with stories that will ease your pain and add perspective to your working situation, and offer advice when you need it. Take it from Fred Ringley, salesman-turned-farmer: “If you decide to cut and run, you’ve got to do it in one clean break. You’ll never do it if you wait until you’re sixty.” Through the stories in “Working,” you’ll learn to appreciate the work you have, learn how to change your outlook when things are tough, and gain the courage you need to start over if need be! 122 million Americans work full time, but only 15% of them have been enlightened by Studs Terkel’s “Working.” What are you waiting for? “I just quit my job to start my own business, and I feel great! Thanks, Studs Terkel!” – Mackenzie Radice
“Utopia” by Thomas More Have you ever wished the world wasn’t the way it was these days? Are you tired of hearing news about violence, greedy politicians, and washed up celebrities? If you want change but you’re stuck on ideas, or you just want to read about how great life could be if we just did things differently, “Utopia” is the book for you! Listen to the tales of Raphael Hythloday, who has traveled to the island of Utopia where doors aren’t locked, every child receives an education, and agricultural work is shifted between all members of society every two years. Find out about the place where “nobody owns anything, but everybody is rich”—rich in peace of mind, happiness and freedom from anxiety. Uncover the root of society’s problems, and develop an argument for a better life yourself! Though some Utopian ideals are unattainable, there’s truth in many of them—now’s your time to find a cause and fight for it! “This book had so many answers that I’d never thought of before. I wish Hythloday were around now to share his stories with some of the guys in charge!” – Ben Affleck
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