World War ii: American propaganda

In order for America to push for victory in Europe, propaganda was used to strengthen the United States and help citizens conserve food rations, water supplies and even rubber from tires. National propaganda gave America a better advantage to concur their enemies and lead to world reconciliation.

This piece of propaganda depicts an American solider enjoying his food or beverage from his container. This explained that if Americans would conserve food and eat everything that they had, instead of wasting, American soldiers would not starve during the war efforts. This effectively saved money for the American citizen and also went to a great cause.
Food and water were not the only things that the American people conserved. Rubber was a major concern since Japan occupied Southeast Asia, a major tire distributor. The United States Government asked their citizens to save gas and drive slow. They also encouraged them to share rides with other people in order to get where they are going. Tires were not the only source of rubber. The Government asked for rain coats, Garden hoses and anything else that consisted of rubber. In this propaganda ad, they clearly indicate that their soldiers needed tires more than the citizens of America at the time.
This propaganda poster explains how to conserve and use your tools efficiently. The reason being is because the Army, Marines and Navy needed as many tools as they can scavenge in order to repair their equipment. Giving instructions to American citizens would help them save the wear and tear on their tools and also help them to not go out and spend money on supplies that the Military needs.
Writing to the soldiers was a great way to keep their spirits high. This would encourage the United States Military to fight harder for the country. This is exactly what this propaganda poster portrayed. It depicts an American soldier with the saying “One Stamp a Day for A Man Who’s Away”. Since people back in America were not in combat and physically fighting, they figured that writing to the soldiers would give them a sense of hope.
This propaganda poster depicts the Allied Group in World War II. Each Represent an anti-aircraft gun with their flag. It quotes “United We Stand; United We Will Win”. This gave Americans hope that other countries had the country’s support. If we stood strong with our brother and allies; We would concur the war and win.
In this propaganda poster, it shows tongs gripping down on the Nazi’s Swastika. It big words it states “Tighten Your Grip”. The meaning to “tighten your grip” refers to hold down your enemy in a military sense. This explained that If American Troops used what they were trained in basic, it would crush the Nazi’s into a complete pitfall.
“Is YOUR trip necessary?” a quote that was heavily used in propaganda posters. In this particular one, it shows a crowd of Marines and it states “Troops Are On the Move”. The reason why they question if the American citizen’s trip is necessary is because is it worth wasting the fuel and space for the troops to get where the need to go? This poster told America to hold back on travel and wait until the troops ship out over seas.
This propaganda magazine is very interesting. This was strictly for Farmers who had a huge impact on the food supplies during the war. Inside showed farmers how to grow their crops efficiently and in bigger numbers. Of course, this was a way to allow the government to supply the troops with more food rations. Not to mention help farmers get money in their pockets.
This was particularly for American women who were married. It explains to wives that they need to contact their husband over seas through letters. This would help their husband soldiers to fight stronger and give them hope. This also made them eager to finish the job and get back to the states with his wife and kids.
This is a very powerful propaganda poster. Food was a very important aspect of the war. Many times, troops would not have enough food and water to survive the cold winters and hot summers. Saying that food was a "weapon" would show American Citizens that not finishing a plate would be a disgrace to the fighting troops and throwing away food was terrible.
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