diary of an aquarius

An Aquarius is an in-depth person, you hardly ever know what is going on with them. This gallery is a look into me, the feelings I have and the thoughts that come across my mind. It also reflects my past, present and future.

A statement of a young girl, who is not a afraid to stand out of the crowd. She's not ashamed of who she is, how she looks, nor who she wants to be. I enjoy the vibrancy that is held in her stance and youth.
A great lyricist from my youth, Biggie. He should that it's not always about the external appearance, but a message felt from within. This represents an appreciation of youth and the lessons it has taught me.
She sits alone showing only her beauty and nothing more. A symbol of the softness we women hold. But at the same time a strength that is greater than anyone could imagine. All is not what it seems.
A presence of history in modern times. The culture present is shown in the structure and shape of the face. The intricacy and details of the headdress represent ancient civilizations of African decent
What better way to reach people, than thru travel. A showcase of talent and imagination. Is it coming or going? The colors automatically draw my attention, even before I know what I was looking at.
This particular artist is from Afghanistan and I chose her work because of the message in her 3-D work is covering the painful memories of the war. Giving her pieces of art life to a war torn country.
This street art piece is from Mexico City, and the artist is inspired by using women to show beauty and femininity. By using the female characters, she depicts a rage of change and contrast with the attempt of giving each piece of her work life in its own sense.
A mural located in Bogota, Columbia where street art and graffiti are very popular. The backdrop and canvases range from highway construction, parking lots, residential spaces and abandoned structures. Murals, tagging, stickers, characters and lettering are just some of the visual aesthetics to this form and the diverse cultures of the art flow through Bogota.
The choice of color and contrast with this particular piece was different from the others I chose. The artist who is from Rome uses various colors within a dark damp location. The natural light that emits from the skylight and the actual lights within the building give this piece life to what seems as rather desolate setting.
This last piece of street art I believe would go under the category of abstract. This artist uses many mediums in his work from painting, graffiti, computer graphics, 3-D simulations and the piece shown here monumental 3-D objects. Each piece Zedz creates can vary from size and appearance making each piece more unique than the first.
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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