The Dark side of The Moon

This gallery shows color, Texture, from History  and Mythology from all over the world.

The peace order No.11 Is a use of color in image bringing out the true meaning of the painting, the more color showing the more the feeling of sadness comes into view from battle or sickness.
Mars with Cupid shows a great balance between dark and light contrast the way the hues are of the picture bring out the symbolic mythological god and beings as if their Three dimensional.
The sand Dunes at Sunset, Represent texture in a strong manner as the artist is portraying the wind going against the brush, also giving the look as the sand is moving as well.
Fossicking for gold is another good use for texture, The illusion the artist gives is that it feels like you can actually touch the service of the rocks, and actually, swipe the painting for gold.
St. Sebastian, for mythological times uses a great amount of color to show the agony this man is going through. Even down to the smallest detail of little drops of blood on the ground from the arrows
This peace is a great way texture is shown to the viewer, also being a historical peace for research it still gives the look the caterpillar will come off the page, even down to the leaf its eating.
The panting gives many kind of emotions with the simplistic color scheme of the mythological world, as showing the gods in bright lighting, giving the gods a sense of power of being bright and strong
The contrasts of color as the children step away from the hardship of farm life the painting gets brights showing colors, closer to the farm it gets darker, almost a symbolic of hard work to family.
This peace uses texture in a way that brings the audience to a historical collision, that solider has been through a lot, and still standing up tall, as you can see though the dog is still afraid.
The way cross hatching is shown with textures gives you the feeling it was craved into the canvas. Using the mythological gods to show the love of good and evil, but only in the shadows, hence cupid.
Credits: All media
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