Journey to Heaven

Curated by Sam Newton

At first we just looked at the stars. This is the work of a tortured man, who turned his pain to beauty on canvas, enchanted by the stars as so many before him had been.
Maybe we could get up there? After death? The Pharohs wished that when they died they'd fly to the heavens as birds, and be in the realm of the gods. This is a picture of the world's 1st space ship.
Maybe we don't have to wait. Lets go there now. I personly think we are too hard on Babylon. They just wanted to get up there. Of cause, no plan ever survives first contact with implementation...
It is human nature to find patterns where none exist. Have you ever seen the giant rabbit on the moon? Maybe you're just not looking hard enough. It probably just hides whenever eagles land.
Lincoln Beachey thought it was a dream to go up to haven in a flying machine the machine broke down and down be fell he thought he'd to heaven but he went to.... (Repeat song until bored of jumprope)
No please... After you.
Why did we do it? It wasn't because we wanted to get to heaven. It wasn't because it was easy or because it was hard. We did it because we wanted to. Because we are human, and we could.
"Guys like to do stuff. this explains both the space shuttle and mail-box vandalism" --Dave Barry
Credits: All media
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