color The Shades of red

My feelings for the color Red\

i like this painting due to its use of the color red and mixture of other colors that help the red to seem more bold and stick out
The simplicity of this painting shows the appreciation for the buildings instead of the detail cause the author is believed to love barns
I like this painting because it's got that john doe feeling it's a woman in a black dress and a red hat from her figure its seems that she is beautiful and full of mystery and suspense
The Edo period itself has always intrigued me, so seeing something so red and pretty in detail. in this period there pottery collections and crafting during this time was amazing
I believe this painting has a deeper meaning than its original red borderline. once you look into the center you begin to think of better ideas of creation
Asain Artisans have always been amazing with detail on small surfaces so this piece peaked my interest alone with just sheer detail
in this painting I believe the red background is the early morning sun reflecting of the water to show more attention to the detail of nature in the scene
I like this because I think some culture is trying to explain their religion and their gods
the point of view and deception of making a 2d painting into a visual 3d image is amazing i also like the contrast of colors and shading
i love the overall detail of everything in this room i like how the artist used the color red to show detail and pigment in the womans body
my grandmother showed me this painting when I was little so seeing it again made me appreciate its detail
Another paint of a culture explaining their deity
I like the modeling detail of this piece it's also realistic
this painting is beautiful because of texture and detail and the slightest addition of the color red
another painting of a woman in black and something red in the scene i think the red carpet is to make you focus on the room and the woman
i love the detail on these flowers it almost makes them look real with a quick-glace
this painting is drawing attention to the main points of view and perspective while having a background the red helps to keep you focused on the perspective views
i love the over time and detail put in to this due to the fact its so detail and also realistic
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