Principles Of Art

The principle of emphasis is used in this painting. the red in this painting stands out against the yellow. the element of this painting would be value. the different shades of yellow and red are used. color is also an important element.
The Movement principle is used here. The water the water is painted gives the illusion that its moving. textured is simulated in this painting, the texture being smooth wet water.
this picture is a demonstration of contrast. the colors in the middle of the painting are contrasted against the green of the picture.
this is an exasmple of unity becuase of the differnt colors are used all throughout the painting.the shapes are organic and the colos are dull.
The principles used in this artwork is repittion of the patterns on the animals skin and unity of the colors that tie both animals together. the element of art that stands out the most is color.
the principle of art for this work is proportion. the size of the sun and the land come together to give the illusion of an expansion of water. the element of space is used well here, there being a fore middle and backround
the balance in this painting is a-symetrical. the picture is all over the place. the element of form is used, there are different three dimensional shapes throughout it.
Credits: All media
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