Visions Of The Christ

These are pieces of art that portray moments from Jesus Christ's Life and other works that depict his face.

Jesus Christ's birth is one of the most celebrated Holidays and this piece of art shows the admiration of The kings who searched for him and along with his Mother the virgin Mary. I think it is a good fit because it is a very traditional looking painting of how we see this event.
John kneels next to Jesus, Who is his cousin. I picked this piece because it shows the relationship between the two and John who is older appears to be submitting to Jesus who is younger and small compared to him. I think this fits well because this does not tie to a particular story in the life of either and gives an artist rendering of what they see when they think of the family members.
This painting shows Jesus as a young boy teaching men in a temple. I picked this painting because it was made from the biblical story that shows Jesus as a wise individual even at an early age. I think it is a good fit because the use of colors throughout and the fact that Jesus is the only one dressed in white to further set him apart.
Jesus Performs a miracle near the city of Jericho and gives sight to Bartimaeus. I picked this because is portrays another aspect of his life that shows him to be a healer of the sick. I think it is a good fit because this painting lacks the fine details most are accustomed to when seeing paintings of Jesus and has good use of shading in the background.
This Painting shows Jesus Raising Lazarus from the dead, which is another story from the Bible. I like the drama this painting has and is a powerful moment in his ministry. It shows his power and the reactions of those who witnessed it. I think it is a great fit for the gallery because of the authority Jesus displays in this scene.
This scene shows Jesus feeding the 5000 people who gathered to hear him teach. I picked this painting because it breaks away from the realism paintings most artists make when depicting Jesus's life. You can still clearly tell what is happening in the photo without all the dramatic backgrounds.
This painting shows Jesus being beaten with multiple cat of nine tails before his death. This shows the gruesome nature of people and shows Jesus in a weakened state. It is the most important part of his story that he would be beaten and killed.
This is a portrait of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns and has what appears to be tears and or sweat running down his face with blood.Also has a form of a halo around him to show he is Holy. I picked this because normally you would not see a portrait of Jesus like this and think it has good use of dark colors.
This is a modern portrait of Jesus done on the side of a building. I think it is a good piece of art because of the urban environment that surrounds the actual painting and the halo around him pops out and the background colors offer good contrast.
This is a realistic painting of Jesus with out stretched arms on the side of a building. I like this painting for the gallery because of it's size and realistic features and is very recognizable from a distance. I also chose it because it shows how we imagine Jesus looked like has changed from generation to generation.
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