Bold Lines

A gallery that displays pieces that use bold or hard lines and edges to make the focus(es) of the piece very prominent.

I chose this painting because Hopper's use of bold lines in outline of the restaurant and in the bar patrons really pull the eye over to them.
This painting's use of a hard outline on Gildart gives emphasis to his presence over the background and even the chair he is sitting in.
This piece uses a bold outline around the two women to push them into focus and highlight them over the background and sky.
The rough lines on the tree and fence in the foreground take the eye of the viewer straight to them. 
The hard lines on the table draw the eye upwards and the outline on the guitar make the focus of the piece clear.
An intense outline on this horse pulls it forward from the rest of the piece and makes it demand attention.
Thicker blue lines at the center of this piece draw the viewer's eye and keep it centered.
Hard outlines around the man and the trees really draw the focus to him.
Hard lines representing the wood in the house draw the focus out and lead the viewer around the piece.
The outlines around him and the straight lines above his head all point to the man and clearly focus on him and his face.
Bright color helps the bursting intense lines behind the horse and rider and with their outline make them the center of attention.
The woman in this painting is made this obvious focus of her portrait by the intense line of her profile and the bold line of her posture.
This painting's bold, hard line of the street and the lamppost lead you to the right and to the dark edges and outlines of the couple there.
The hard line of the church that contrasts with the soft blue sky and the dark intense edges of the buildings on either side of the piece all help the viewer focus on the middle and the big church itself.
The hard edges of the cupboard shelves lead the viewer around the painting to the various other outlines and shapes of the contents.
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