Innocence in my eyes

In today's society, we are used to having innocence for a short period of time until someone comes along and corrupts it. This art gallery will show examples innocence along with the loss of it.

I used this photo of snow on a tree because snow is a pure white. Innocence is pure and can not be taught, but is something you are naturally born with.
I used this photo of children ice skating because it shows the fun and purity of the event. It demonstrates innocence because they are enjoying themselves without other forces.
The butterfly represents innocence because it never has to worry about anything in its life and is never influenced by anything else.
This photo represents the corruption of innocence with age because these people had a lot of responsibility on their backs and saw many horrible things causing them to lose their innocence.
The dying flowers are an example of the corruption of innocence because they show that they once had it but are dying inside and out because they do not anymore.
This is an example of loss of innocence because it shows the building that was once new and shiny in a state of destruction
Credits: All media
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