Art Elements

Line: From Lines, by Lee U-Han This painting used line very effectively, as it was just a group of vertical blue lines.
Shape: Abstract painting, by Frank Hinder This painting used multiple colorful organic shapes to make a pleasing abstract picture.
Form: Bowl with Abstract Foliate Design, by unknown Because this bowl is a statue and therefore three dimensional, it displays form.
Value: Multnomah Falls, by Carleton Watkins This photo displays value because it is black and white, and you can see dark and light areas in the photo.
Texture: Gangan, by Yanggarriny Wunungmurra This piece appears to be a tapestry, and by zooming in you can see the (seemingly) scratchy surface of the fabric.
Color: Rainbow Stripes, by ES Reitz This simple three-rainbow pattern is very colorful. The intensity of these rainbows is fairly dull.
Space: Silhouette of Mozart, by VG I chose this silhouette of Mozart because it clearly displays positive and negative space, inside the shape of his head and around it.
Credits: All media
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