the Renaissance

I love anything that comes from the Renaissance.  It was before cameras, technology, and anything else that would take away from the artist and their work.  These are a few pieces that struck me in an emotional way, but my favorite are the sketches, because I think that they are the most personal to the artist.   

What I saw in this was the precise detail in the legs. It is said that Leonardo da Vinci drew these beautiful works in his sketchbook, and later used them to create a clay model of the Sforza horse
I am just in awe of the detail da Vinci brings to his art. In the Study of Two Warrior's Heads, the only thing I can thing about is what the man on the left is screaming, orders, hate, or fear.
In the studies of an outstretched arm for the fresco it shows another of my favorite values in art. I think that some of the best works are that of sketches, simple and beautiful.
The Still Life with a Hare shows me that you can receive truly deep feelings through any of God's creatures. I feel that I to have felt as the Hare pictured and yet wonder how he got there.
Always been a fan of the statue, to think that Benvenuto could create such detail by modeling a figure with his hands. Once again, I always put myself in the figure trying to think as they would.
I thought of my wife when I saw this piece. How such a beautiful creature could find me as beautiful as I did her. I might not be as "ugly" as the man, but next to her light it is how I felt.
The true detail in this art piece is mind blowing. Here I put my self in the artist place. Looking up hundreds of times in order to get it "just right."Now whether it is a place or not doesn't matter
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