Anna Govert

Color Schemes

This color scheme is monochromatic. The artist used different shades of red to make their monochromatic color scheme. The mood resembles chaos and grace.
The color scheme being used here is complementary. The artist used blue and orange as the two complementary colors in this piece. The colors give off a cold-ish feel.
The work is an example of analogous colors. The colors used are blue, bluegreen, and green. This gives it an earth-y feeling.
The color scheme in this work is triadic colors. The colors used to make that scheme are red, yellow, and blue. The scheme gives it a simplistic kind of vibe.
The color scheme here is warm colors. The artist uses different reds, oranges, and yellows to achieve this. It gives it a regal, important feeling to the painting.
The color scheme here is cool colors. The artist uses different blues, greens, and purples to create this forest scene. This gives it a very earth-y feeling.
Credits: All media
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