Art principles, 8th

Balance: This piece has balance because there is one boy on one side, a girl on the other, and a blanket-like object in the middle.
Repetition: This painting has repetition because there is a crowd and many of the people, when far away, look similar because as things get farther away, they lose detail.
Emphasis: In this picture, there is a black background with an exploding white star in the foreground. And obviously the emphasis is on the white star.
Contrast: I feel that in this piece, there is a lot of contrast because there is sand and a house in the background and a chair with objects on it, up front.
Unity: Since unity means when everything belongs in the picture, this has unity because there is not anything that doesn't belong there.
Proportion: This painting has proportion because the hare isn't so small like a speck, but it also fits comfortably on the page.
Variety: In this painting, there is much variety because there are many different colors of clothing, visible.
Movement: This photograph has movement because this is a very "busy" photo. It shows the 'hustle and bustle' of the city.
Credits: All media
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