My Perspective of Colors

How I perceive colors.

Black and White. Two strong opposing colors that when mixed can create millions of shades. These two represent Yin and Yang, light and darkness.
Red. It's probably the most intense color on the color wheel. To me the color red signifies the love you have for you're family and friends.
Orange. To me it implies creativity and imagination.
Yellow. To me this color means someones I.Q./intelligence.
Green. This color symbolizes positivity, the energy to keep moving.
Blue. To me this color is peace and tranquility.
Indigo. This signifies bravery, the guts to stand up and face your fears.
Purple. Closer to dark more than anything, this color is all the negativity with in one self.
Pink describes the love you have for your significant other. The intimacy that you and him/her share.
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