Outback Australia - Chloe prideaux

Artworks in this exhibition focus on providing a glimpse into what life is like in country Australia.The most common occupation in rural Australia and it is also what the artworks in this exhibition are about. The collection starts with artworks of the barren land or animals, this then leads into children, men and families. These particular artworks look as though the subjects have simply paused whilst in the middle of their daily routines for Mr Silk to snap the photo. The artworks at the beginning of this exhibition show what most people are interested in when the think of country life; the land and the animals. The audience is then introduced to what different people in the community are like; although they may differ in physical appearance everyone in country towns shares the same ready and genuine smile. The last artwork in the exhibition is one of children sitting in an outdoor classroom at school. The artworks in this collection provide an insight into all aspects of what country life would be like and the photos allows the viewer to feel like they are actually going on a tour throughout the town and they are getting to meet the people and learn to some extent what their lives are like. Most of the photographs featured in this exhibition are product of Mr George Silk. 

This artwork represents the structural frame.
This artwork represents the subjective frame
This artwork represents the Post Modern frame
This artwork represents the cultural frame
Credits: All media
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