An engraving by Winslow Homer. uses very precise and sharp lines. Also makes some spaceby overlapping the man on the tree.
Engraving with a lot of overlapping caused by the background of all the trees giving it a sense of space.
This painting shows space by overlapping. It also shows movement, this is cause by the waves
This artwork uses a lot of line which is very strong. The artist uses it to define the form of the woman and are very geometric.
This painting has a balance of color
creates space with overlapping and has very bright contrasting colors
woodcut monochromatic color
Used overlapping to create space and a lot of curved and wavy line
Lithography very dull color that does somehow pop
Lithography. uses line to define the form or shape of the woman and how she is standing
Lithography. very monochromatic color palette and use of very wavy or curved line
Drypoint and use of color all in the same hue some line used very thin sharp lines
Drypoint cool colors used and very thin lines that are not very noticable
Drypoint, with thin lines and monochromatic color
Etching creates space by overlapping and has light value of light and dark
light to dark space with over lapping
Engraving with lots of texture and pattern
Engraving creats 3 dimensional shapes in his 2 dimensional work
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