human Figure

This painting, although it does not show the full human figure of the woman, shows the shoulders and curve of the neck as the girl faces a different direction. It shows proportion in her body parts.
This art work demonstrates the height of a man, his human figure is less then that of 7 1/2 heads tall (which is the most common way of drawing a human figure) but one can see his proportions and how they differ from that of the first painting in my gallery because he is a man and she is a female.
I like this picture because it shows the proportion of the hand in the girl's face and the turn of her hip as she leans against the window frame. I can also view her feet which are facing different positions. This also serves to view the difference in the proportions/ bod parts of the human figure in that of a woman and man.
I really fell in love with picture because it reminds me of the "flapper" times in the 20s, but other then that, I like how it's realistic and it is not a painting; the fact that it is a photograph really shows the reality of the human figure and how it varies from person to person and the proportions and curves of each body part.
This painting is very useful to see how the human figure appears even when it is covered in clothing. The shape of the head and the frame work of the body serve as good outlines for a beginner to use when starting on the "human figure". It also follows the 7 heads height
This painting was one that I also REALLY liked because it has various human figures with different body part proportions and both man and female figures. It also helps that the bodies are not all the same; They are all in different positions caught in some type of movement with their arms and legs. Very nice painting. It reminds me of angels, thus i connect it back to religiion.
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