My Gallery on shapes. 

These pictures are all about shapes. Colorful shapes, dark shapes, and 

The main focus is the fruits and the pitchers. The negative shapes are the back where it shows the table or card board box.
The positive shape is the farmer hoeing his crops. The negative shapes are the trees in the background and the road on the floor.
There are curvilinear shapes on the scooter. The positive shape is the girl and the scooter. The negative shapes are the McDonald's sign.
There are organic shapes where the tree is because the tree and the dirt is from nature.
Theres a geometric shape. where the wire is. It makes like a square box.
There are non-objective shapes as you can see there are squares and tiny rectangles.
There are rectilinear shapes like on the door and the steps to go upstairs. And I think I see one on the wall.
There are representational shapes in the picture because she looks like a real person in the real world.
This is an example of abstract shapes because the painter was trying to paint someone in real life but doesn't look like it
This is high definition because you can see everything. Everything is clear. You know what the picture is. Its like HD.
This is low definition because everything is smudged. Its all dark.
Credits: All media
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