The way to lead

I have great aspirations to be a leader in multiply facets of my life. This gallery depicts the top five mere men who have influenced and taught me more than any others. It is with these men that I recognize their values and teachings and hope to mimic some characteristics in order to be as successful and as memorable as them. It is a tribute to my inspiration. 

There is no one I admire more than Abraham Lincoln. Born in Kentucky in a family without a title. Lincoln was always on the hunt for more knowledge. His ambition impeccable, eventually earning him the title of president. Where he forever left a mark on the Nation. It is his ambition that I want to embody and the ability to bring people together when it seems there is only time to fall apart.
"It is better to offer no excuse, than a bad one," is my favorite quote of wisdom from Washington. It is from this quote that I have gathered my desire to always stay honest. There is no need for shady excuses when you can tell the truth or just not say anything at all. Following after Lincoln and being known as Honest Abe, this is just another person who aids in my ability to be honest and brave.
Natural Selection- is something very relevant still today. We are constantly evolving and adapting and it lies within our strengths as people. Brought up in certain environments and inheriting certain traits from our parents, we are left with a combination of attributes that help us excel in one way or another. I believe the trick is in recognizing these strengths to better succeed in the world. It is through Darwin that I recognize my own and will be able to utilize it to lead.
As a catholic, in any situation I look for the influence of scripture.I hold the teachings of Jesus to be inspiring and somewhat calming. It is through him that you can reach the saints and ask for help when in need. When things are lost, pray to St. Anthony, when you are sick or in danger, pray to St. Michael. As a leader I would want the guidance of God and be able to know I acted in a way of good faith.
The first part of one of Buddha's great quotes is "no one saves us but ourselves." This piece is last because it encompasses the other four pieces and why I choose them. AS a leader you have to know you are one and know when to step down. You must know when to step up and fight for what is right even when so many stand against you. You must acknowledge your strengths and use them wisely and never forget you have someone to help you in your time of need but YOU must still ask for it. Put in the work and you will get what you desire.
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