The Shape of fire

The Element of Fire. From the embers of a camp fire to the blazing light of the Sun. Showcasing the painters use of this element within their creations

The man in this painting is shown lighting a candle with an ember. The ember perhaps represents fire in it's most infantile state and with the gentle blowing from the man begins to transfer its energy
Mary Magdalen is shown here with quite a large candle burning before her. The candle seems to have been lit for quite a time as you can see the amount of liquified wax shown here. Light illuminates her from head to knee as she gazes at the the flame and bible
Two children are shown here without clothing warming themselves before a fireplace which is recessed within the wall.The strength of the fire cannot be judged accurately but you can sense a great deal of warmth exudes from the fireplace as the children seem relaxed and in deep thought
Native Americans depicted here use torch light to guide their way along the river when night fishing. The flame also allows a better view beneath the water to guide their spears into the fish they seek.
Depicted in the center of this work is a large bonfire. It's strength is great as the winds of Skagens beach tries to snuff out light and warmth but fails. Artists and their families gather around to celebrate Midsummers Eve.
The work is of the Great Fire of London. The destructive force of fire is on full display. Beyond warmth and out of control these fires spread with great speed.The fire only stops when there is nothing left to burn.
This shows two firefighters running from a collapsed wall, injury isn't always caused by the heat of fire. Fire is not the focal point of the painting but the destruction it may cause is. Smoke is more prevalent here with the shades of white, grays, and black and also the light of the fire with the orange, yellow, and reds.
This is a Zen style painting of a flame. The simplicity of the painting and the bare colors really helps draw the eye to the flame. This is a direct correlation to the meditative practices of Zen Buddhism.
A painting of Mt. Vesuvius erupting. Volcanoes are natural energy reactors and lava maybe the the most powerful form of fire known on planet earth. Lava is beautiful and alluring yet disintegrates whatever is in it's path.
A painting of the setting Sun. This heavenly body may posses the most powerful form of flame in the universe. The Sun is always used in religious context to represent a higher power. It is also used as a sign of hope, growth, and perseverance.
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