holy people!

This gallery includes world-wide works for the captivation of the many religions and cultures there is. Polytheistic or monotheistic, all religions, and all gods, have a place in this beautiful gallery.

Venus and Adonis is a beautiful work by Peter Paul Rubens, which displays Goddess Venus, and the demigod Adonis.
I decided to include "The Sistine Madonna" by Raphael, because it is a great portrayal of the rise to heaven.
The prodigal son, as most of us know, is a catholic story about a boy who betrays his father and later comes back on his knees to ask for forgiveness. I added this work as in order to demonstrate that religion and god living within all of us through repent and forgiveness.
I added Artemisia in order to add a mix to the bunch. She is the goddess of Hunt and Childbirth.
The crucifixion of Christ is a popular event known to all catholics. I included this work because he is not alone, and the painting in itself depicts other emotions.
The white lamb in this painting is a depiction of purity. The lion is trying to eat the lamb, but the boy saves it. The strongest, to the weakest, is known as a god, a god of salvation.
This is a strong depiction of the whipping of Christ during his crucifixion.
Glory, by Achille Funi, is a painting of an angel. I included this painting due to the fact that angels are close to "god-hood".
Orpheus is a famous poet and musician from ancient Greece. He was known to be able to charm all living beings with his music.
I included the death of Christ as in order to complete his other two depictions, in order.
The night of Forebeing is a perfect depiction of a mortal rising to the heavens.
This particular painting struck me with a little confusion. It depicts a young woman being attacked by Eros, who is known to be a god of love, similar to "Cupid".
The Virgin Mary is known to have risen to the heavens while still alive. She is the only person to have achieved that, and is also the mother of Jesus Christ.
While this particular work does not have a name or artist, I felt like I needed to include it as in order to show the spread of culture and religion. It is a Greek god, yet found in Rome.
The Nativity is the birth of Jesus. It is one of the only depictions of the birth of a god... even if it was in corporal state.
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