The Artistic Innovations of the Renaissance

By: Bardia Khosravi

I chose this piece of art because of its use of colors to express the mood and setting. This painting is from the Renaissance time period because it shows emotion and movement in the people portrayed in the background. It also shows them all in the same size, and the background is detailed with perspective.
This piece speaks to me because it portrays how the person is staring. With such detail, you can see how the brow furrows in the sketch, and how the shoulders turn away towards what the person is looking at. I know that this piece is from the Renaissance because it shows the features in the face and emotions. Also, you can see that the person is in the action of turning away from the shoulders.
Created by Donatello, Saint Jerome is the innovation of the Renaissance. I chose it because of its setting in the faces of the person in it, and because of the background color. It is from the Renaissance because it has immense detail in the background and foreground of the painting.Also, it portrays the person in it with the lion by his side to be moving in a certain direction.
This piece grabbed my attention because it looked so life-like and realistic. It is from the Renaissance because it shows the movement in the babis fighting, and from the emotion on their faces, along with their mother. Also, it portrays the skill perspective, which shows the 3D in the background by making it smaller than the foreground.
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