Journey- Timothy Marks

In this gallery we are going on a journey through art. I think in art it really takes on a journey. That we are emotionally, or maybe physically focus on in the art work. An example is going on a roller roster. Were getting ready for adventure, then we get in our focus sitting in the roller coster. Then we start the Journey. 

The art work in this almost hypnotize you into staring at this art work for all long. That the lines are trying to go somewhere. Which the lines form groups with different colors.
The painting shows how vast it is. The tress really give a grasp of the painting feelings. The mountains gives everything in the picture we want to see that shows how big everything is.
I like how colors blended together. How the lava is dripping on the ground. Giving that real effect in your face.
I like how all of that is either painting or sand. Showing either time or elevation
As were going through a journey of art. The streets of a city for some people get hope, a goal, anything for a purpose of going forward.
This art can mean different ways of telling its story. The heart is either spilt four wars or joined together by ways ways. Basically a heart break or new relationship.
Allusion is key in art. I thought this picture really cool how its giving an allusion that the women head is cut off. Its just how we see the water.
This painting is about about the civil war. I liked how the art is expressed on showing how the battle was showed. Showing how many people fought for they believed in.
Credits: All media
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