Elements of Emphasis

In this gallery, I will be focusing on emphasis.

In this art piece, President Ford stands out from the white background because of the contrasting colors between the blue and the white which places the emphasis solely on him. His stance too also make him stand out because of the vertical communicative lines posed in the painting. 
The use of lighting in this art piece helps place emphasis on the people because they stand out.
The size of the whale and Jonah's diagonal movement are the focal points for this art piece because viewers are instantly drawn to the center due to the action and contrast of colors.
For this piece, size and color emphasize St. Anne and the Virgin making it easy for the emphasis to be placed on them. The red stands out between the brown Virgin and the background and the size of St Anne and the Virgin make it easy to focus on.
For this piece, Christ is the focal point because he is directly in the center placing the emphasis on him. The color scheme also plays a big role because the black helps make the blue cross and Christ stand out
In this art piece, the emphasis is drawn towards the center of the picture due to the lighting scale. The emphasis is on the child and the mom making them the main focus.
In this art piece, the contrast of the colors between Diana and the two fauns draw viewers toward the center of the art piece.
For this piece, the first thing that stands out is the women in the red hair. The contrast of colors between the orange and black help make these two people stand out making both of them the focal point. 
For this piece, the use of complementary colors between the red and green help make the focal point on the Las tres gracias. 
The contrast between the white and blue help focus the emphasis on the gymnastic warriors and their actions.
Credits: All media
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