Contemporary art- Isabella Aureguy

I like how all the bodies are together and the bright, basic colors that mix together to create new ones. It´s very organized but at the same time messy.
The "strings" are organised in different ways and i like that. -Sometimes in a simple way and sometimes in a wild way. The second to last one grabs my attention because of the concentration of strings, so it looks bold.
This artwork is very detailed, if you zoom in, you can see the little cracks. The pattern reminds me of nature even though it's not supposed to be. It looks like ocean waves, clouds and mountains. I noticed that the colors are very similar but if you pay close attention, they do not repeat.
I like how the pattern looks like it was spray painted one by one and how the different colours merge together.If you look at it from a distance it looks like a bunch of dots, but up close you can see the individual rhombi.
I like that it looks the sun, but I don´t like that lady in the photograph. The idea of this is very cool; it's an interacticve screen that shows the movement of the sun.
This artwork is contemporary but at the same time it looks like it´s from the Ming or Qing dynasty in China. I like the shades of black to grey to white and nature. this painting makes me feel cold because of the foggy effect.
This painting grabs my attention because it is a place I would love to be at. I love the ocean, the pangas and the cliff and trees. It is really realistic, if you zoom in you can observe the detail. I like the log with all the arrows pointing to different directions.
I like how this looks like stars or fireflies.
I like the nature and how it feels very calm but at the same time there is a lot of movement in the river. It looks very realistic.
I think I like this artist in general and his landscapes. They are very realistic and beautiful.
I like the coral/ orange color in the background and how the blue leaves contrast with it.
I like this street art because of the colors and patterns used to create this image. I also like that it´s very big. It kind of reminds me of mexican designs.
The colors really grab my attention and the symetry of the painting. This also reminds me of mexican designs.
Credits: All media
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