Gallery de mio preferito 

I told myself I would write about all 43 images, but here I am...writing about 20. 

This painting reminds has influences of impressionism. It's array of colors reminds one of spring. It has minimal linear perspective, and it's just really pretty.
The colors are super awesome because it has such a contrast of both warm and cool colors. The painting is of flowers, but it takes up the painting as if it is a landscape.
I love the pastel colors involved in this painting. The painting's main focus is of the tree, but in the background is a person lounging. It's calming, I would hang it in my house.
I really like this painting because of the leisure on the beach theme. The subjects seem elegant.The subjects also compliment the background, and everything fits well.
Turner shows the destruction and beauty of nature. This is so Turner because the painting has quick brush marks and aerial perspective. The boat looks like it is about to be demolished.
This painting is super pretty and island-like. It looks like an abandoned church on the coast of Greece or Italy. It has aerial perspective.
The extended landscape of this van Gogh painting is is super mysterious looking, and the perspective is different. The trees are cropped and a shadowy person in the middle.
This painting is magical and represents a free spirit. The background is full of layered bubbles, and the subject looks like they are about to ride off into the sunset.
This painting is a panoramic of a beach. I'm pretty fond of 1. impressionistic paintings and 2. the beach. The painting seems anonymous, which makes me feel like I'm actually at the beach.
This painting seems tropical and mysterious. Why is there a naked woman in the middle of a jungle? It reminds me of Gaugin. Or Where the Wild things are.
My favorite artist is Monet,and I love pastel and tropical places, so this painting is perfect. Three are impressionistic paint strokes and we see how light effects the scene. Wow. Just wow.
There's a big, beautiful field, but in the corner is a couple. Even though they are in this beautiful place, they are so engrossed in each other, they don't notice. It's so cute!
Another Monet! And flowers! Surprise! There is a strong sense of diagonals. There's a mom and daughter. What's not to love?!
This is actually where I am going to have my wedding, so I'm a bit bias toward it. Monet, flowers, pretty nature, impressionism, relaxing color scheme. It's just all so great.
Canals are so cool, and this Italian town just seems so cute and quaint. Linear perspective, atomspheric perspective, lanadscape. A+
I just think it is so ironic that this ornate cathedral stands in the middle of an average square with plain buildings and bustling people! I can't decide if it's a genre or landscape. But it's cute!
Van Gogh is looking kinda impressionistic here? Flowers, fields, foreign places? I could jump into this painting and ride a horse, eat grapes, and have a picnic here. It's fabulous.
Am I basic for like Van Gogh and Monet? Nature is so pretty in paintings. I think I have an obsessions with flowers and getting out of Ashland, because that is what all of these paintings are about.
Culture is cool. I like how they are the focus, and none of them are looking straight at the viewer like prostitutes, and how the colors are bold but not Kirchner hit-you-in-the-face.
This painting just looks so fun! They are all having a great time. This girl's pink dress is beautiful. It looks kinda tropical. It's just so happy, and that makes me happy!