Impressionist art

Calmness with pops of color.

The colors of this painting are very grey and gloomy which gives me an idea that the bank of a river in bloom was very quiet and calming.
This piece of art shows a girl dancing very elegantly. She is the star of the show and the main focus of this painting. The tiny bit of pastel pink brings out the dress as well as the girl.
This shows a key understanding to the artist, Auguste Rodin's artistic aims. The figures on the door shows no limits in their poses, gestures, and sexuality.
This painting, "The Shadows on the Sea" caught my eye with the colors. I love the mix of blues and purples and it gives off the vibe of calmness throughout the painting with no waves on the sea.
There is a great contrast in this painting between the dark colors of the cliffs and the bright colors of the sky.B/c this is landscape form, it gives the artist an opportunity to give a broader view.
Credits: All media
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