Amendment 9: retained rights

Eric Kim & Rachel Yang

Retained rights are rights that exist aside from the constitution that may not be violated even though they are not listed. In this piece of art, the people are respectfully biding each other farewell by bowing. Like these people, the United States must respect one another and the citizens by giving them reserved/ retained rights. This way, the government doesn't have too much power and it is more fair for the citizens.
In this picture, the people are enjoying nature/public land because they have a retained right to do so. This picture relates to Rachel's article because in her article, 'certain beachgoers cling to a right to make the sand their driveway.' These certain beachgoers are feeling as if they are being denied access to their beaches because beach driving, something almost like a tradition to these people, has been gradually reduced by local laws. Even though I believe that beach driving should be stopped, these people have the right to enjoy public land even if it means to use 30 miles of beach sand just to park on.
In this painting, three children, along with a young teacher, are crowed around a Bible. The teacher is instructing the children in reading the Bible. Seated to the right of them is an elderly woman, whose "newfound freedom cannot compensate for a life of tremendous suffering and profound sadness." Her new freedom will never make up for her life of suffering and sadness. This picture depicts the government's issues of education and religion for African American individuals during the 1870's. Just because one's skin color isn't preferred by some people does not mean that those people's classes in society should be lowered or they should be declined in their ability to learn. When this retained right, right to learn (no matter what race/ color their skin is) is violated, we will have racial segregation again, and people will fight against their government. In Eric's article, a child was threatened to be killed if they were to ever leave their parents or didn't follow their rules. It may not state in the constitution that one should have the right to not be threatened to be killed if they didn't do anything inappropriate, but it is known that that is wrong. The boy deserves simple human rights. Like these children, the boy should have the right to learn and the right to live his life like a normal boy.
In the middle of this piece of artwork, there is a sculpture that represents the government. The circular shapes rotating around it represent the states and the people. If you look closely, you can see that there is a marble pattern inside the circles. The marble pattern represents the rights we have that may not be obviously stated. The pattern is still there, but it is just not explicit.
This vase represents retained rights used in a negative way. If I were to say 'vase', would you think of something like this picture? Or would you think of a more symmetrical and more evenly shaped jar-like object? Like the person who created this vase, someone may take the idea of something and then take it to an extreme. The person who made this vase got the idea of a vase and took it to another level. A person may take advantage of the word 'retained rights' and use it to do things that negatively impact the people around him. He may do something inappropriate and state that its his actions are of his 'retained rights'. This person has taken the idea of having reserved rights and took it to an extreme.
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