An Insight of the Holocaust

This exhibit is a belief overview of the Holocaust, how it started, the people involved and the aftermath.

Adolf Hitler did not play a massive part in the Holocaust, he only reintroduced the idea of anti-semitism as it was a way of blaming someone for the downfall of Germany.
Towards the beginning of the Holocaust, laws were introduced regarding Jews. One law was that Jewish people were told to wear the star of David on all there clothing. Anoher was to change their names.
The German government ordered Jews to be placed in a location. The image here is showing the fear in their eyes as they are told to pack one bag of belongings before entering this unknown location.
No only did the German government command officers to take Jews into a different location, they started to search their houses for any valuables.
As shown in the image, the Jews were deported from their home to an unknown location, which is now known as concentration camps. The star of David is evident on their clothing giving them a label.
The Jews were places into crowded train carts of other Jewish people to be taken into a camp. From there they would be directed either left or right, depending on their state of health.
Those who were put into labour camps had to wear these striped clothing as uniforms. These has a matching hat and wore cheap shoes. This shown in the book and movie, 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas'.
An image of the scattered clothes from the previous clothes the Jewish poeple wore before been given the striped clothing.
Those who were forced into labour camps had to work long hours with little to no food. The conditions they had to endure were harsh and inhumane. It was either hard labour or death by the gas chamber.
The Dachau concentration camp was one of the first camps built. The image is the tin the Jews people were given as a portion of their food rations.
Anne Frank is a known name with this event as she has kept a diary of the events that had happen to her throughout this period. Her family hid in a room behind a bookshlef however, she passed away.
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