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This captures the cherry blossom season in Japan as well as using color to set the mood of the painting.
This painting has pleasant use of analogous colors.
The way the artist uses atmospheric perspective brings this piece to life, and creates a sense of depth to know that the mountain is far away.
I really enjoyed the this piece because it captures the beauty of Japan as a nation, and the very different style they bring to the table.
The usage of line in this photo shows foggy painting that makes you question the view distance of this piece.
Shading plays a major role in conveying depth. This piece uses the most basic style of shading to do just that.
This photo is using one point perspective yet maintains the iconic look and feel of Japanese art.
The use of texture in this photo is very different than that of western culture.
The use of older technique along with a new modern style reveals are more accurate depiction of a Japanese women.
Japanese sculptures were also very different that other cultures. Most are of religious significance.
This photo shows that detail of what appears to be a Japanese warrior. This shows the honor that was given to people who were able to fight.
This sculpture is very different than the previous two because of the emotion that is being shown by this man.
This painting appears to be missionaries and how the Japanese people perceived their presence.
The last two are pieces that show the appreciation of the western world towards Japanese art
Monet shows his appreciation for Japanese art with this bridge piece made in 1899.
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