It's a Sports life

From the very beginning sports has always been a part of every culture in the world. This gallery includes representations of various athletes competing in sports, in painting, sculpture, and other mediums. 

This piece of art shows men and women gathered around a cock fight. It has excellent movement and the empty space really pulls your eyes to the birds. Cock fighting is one of the oldest sports.
This is a painting of a very early boxing match. The piece has great movement and really tells multiple stories. You can see fight breaking out on the outside as well as multiple conversations. This painting shows how important boxing as a sport has been even in centuries past.
This is a sculpture of a Olympic Boxer. It has great lines and the straight line of the left hand is really dramatic. Boxing is a sport that has been practiced in all cultures of the world.
This is a painting of a bunch of men watching a billiards game. It has dull colors and great proportions from the people to the table. Billiards is another sport that many cultures practice.
Two men having a karate exhibition. This is a black and white photo that has great movement with a flying karate kick. It was first invented as a way to train solders and quickly adapted into a sport
This is a bronze statue of two wrestlers in competition. The statue has exellent detail and has a very smooth texture. Wrestling has been called the sport of kings and has been around for centuries.
This piece shows a fencing competition. The colors are very light and the empty space around the figures really draw your eyes to the tow competitors. Fencing has been around since the earliest man.
This is a picture of Joe Louis Knocking out Walcott. This is a black and white picture that really captures the excitement with all of the great movement. This fight really made boxing apart of modern sports culture.
This is a black and white photo of two football players. For the age the black and white photo is amazing and captures great detail. I think this photo really shows how long we have used sports as a release in all cultures. The very thin pads and no helmets show how much things have changed from then to now.
This lithograph is of two boxers in a match. The piece is very bright and has great depth. The movement is excellent and really makes you scan several times to take it all in. I chose this piece because it is fun and when we think of sports fun is what comes to mind.
Credits: All media
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