women in art

Although women make up half of our population, they have been largely unrepresented in the arts and sciences. This gallery will showcase some important female artists throughout history. 

A desperate mother and her young children working at a pea picker plant during the Great Depression are the subject of Migrant Mother by photographer Dorothea Lange. It is iconic and moving.
This self portait was painted in paris sometime between 1906 to 1907 by Paula Modersohn-Becker, who is known as one of the first female painters to paint female nudes.
Eating a Banana is only one of a series of brassy self portraits photographed by British feminist artist Sarah Lucas in the nineties.
This sculpture by Louise Nevelson is made from found objects from demolished homes but appears very elegant due to its matte black color and appealing shape.
Elizabeth Cattlet's work primarily focused on portraying the African American female experience. A life long activist, she always spoke out both through her art and with her voice.
Frida Kahlo, arguably the most iconic female painter, was once a preparatory student belonging to a group of thinkers called Los Cachuchas because they wore red caps.
Lavinia Fontana was possibly the first working woman artist. She supported a family of thirteen working as a painter. She was born in Bologna in 1552 to prominent painter Prospero Fontana.
This self portrait taken by Cindy Sherman in 1975 is feminine and classic.
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