Dew 5 - Northern Renaissance Art

Jan Van Eyck's painting, "Man in a Blue Cap" is clearly a Renaissance piece because of the two colors that are normally characterized with the Renaissance, red and blue. Also this is more specificly a Northern Renaissance art piece due to the highly realistic looking face.
Again here, as in many other Renaissance pieces because of the emphasis of the two colors, red, and blue. Also, this signifies Northern Renaissance art because of the INCREDIBLE amount of detail not only in the peoples' faces, and the foreground, but especially in the background in the city and the buildings.
Pieter Bruegel's "The Fall of the Rebel Angels" is corresponding with Renaissance art with many reasons, but the most important one, is the amount of detail. Each of the characters in the painting have excrutiating detail, making a wonderfully crafted piece.
Here once agian, detail is a huge factor in determinating it's time of creation and origin. When looked upon closely, one can see how much time and effort was put into the surounding city and envirorment.
Credits: All media
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