Life during the great depression

The Dust Bowlo was an agriulture, economic and social disaster that took place during the 1930's on the Great Plains of the U.S. poor farming practices, extremes drought and high winds destroyed the farmland of the Great Plains severe dust storms were created that would blackout entire towns, destroy farms and kill thousands of families were forced to migrate to california.
These places are ply wood. They where basically card board boxes.They where usually in public parks, or by railroads, or city trash dump sights.
It was a series of demestic programs.They included both laws.A stock market was a big deal and it crashed.
This was people in line to recieve there free food. It left alot of people devastated!It is people waiting oiutside of a charity.
They waited in line for food. They stood outside for charity. It is a place where people are fedd that can't feed themselves.
A hobo is a homeless person.Or a migrant worker.The term for a hobo is a tramp.
The hoover dam is something that holds water. It is 726 in height.the area is 220 acreas.
A bonus army was a different name for a assemblage.People began to wonder if they would survive.
It was a bill. An it was signed into a law by Franklin Roosevelt.They had to maintain those rights.
It is a corporation.It helps flood control.It was very important for people to know.
It is a agency.They insure deposit. It helps people pay for what they need.
An act to provide general welfare.This was to raise revunue.It was created in 1934 by franklin D rosevelt.
Herbert hoover was born on augest 10th. died october 20th.He was born in iowa.
He was born January 30th.He died april 12th.He bacame president march 4th.
born febuary 27th. died december 20th. He was a third child.
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