Moving Through time

This collection feature pieces of art that include aspects from both history, and movement. You will explore pieces that show historical moments in time. These pieces include movement that extends the feeling that you get when you look at them. With both historical aspects, and movement you will be captivated.

This piece depicts a lighthouse amidst crashing waves. And among the waves and beams of light coming out of the lighthouse, there are many buildings, along with groups of people. There are also many pistols arranged throughout the painting. This piece clearly uses motion, as the waves seem to removing throughout.
This piece has many individual pieces, that come together to depict a history in crime. Showing history from cavemen all the way up to modern times. The piece flows from left to right, as you progress through time.
A more simple piece, this shows rural countryside. With horse drawn carriages, and farm houses. This piece shows movement, as the carriages and horses are scattered across the piece.
This piece depicts a woman rising from a couch. It includes a a pair of swans being caressed by the woman. the movement is shown through her attempting to rise from the couch, and shows history through depicting a period from the past.
This piece depicts the adoration of the newborn Jesus Christ. There are the wise men, and shepherds adoring him with gifts. The wisemen and shepherds are moving towards the baby and Mary.
This piece shows a group of workers walking in unison. They are carrying tools. This piece is very simple, in the way it show movement, as the group is walking forward.
Another piece of art depicting a boat on crashing waves. More simple than the previous pieces, it simply depicts the waves and ship, with no background, or scenery. This piece is clearly from the past as the craftsmanship of the boat is older.
This scene depicts many females reacting to something gruesome, as they are all attempting to flee from a single point of origin. The movement is shown through the direction they are all heading towards.
This piece shows a group of people getting onto a boat. There are nights as well as woman. The movement is seen through the way the people are stepping onto the boat. The history of the piece is obvious as it depicts Mary, Queen of Scotts.
Credits: All media
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