Renaissance artwork

Ethan Shapiro

What stands out the most to me is her hair, because it looks straight in the back,and in the front it is curly.The Renaissance elements that this painting has are that the lady looks 3D, there is good interest in nature, and the colors respond to the light.
In this picture, the clouds stand out to me the most because they were made with more then one color. The elements from this painting that show that this is from the Renaissance period are that the colors were responding to the light, the figures were 3D, and it showed great interest in nature.
What stands out to me the most about this sculpture is how many people there are, hidden in there. The elements that this sculpture shows are that it might be religous, the people were nude, and the bodies look active.
The thing that pops out the most in this painting are how the guy and the girl are blending in with the background. The reasons this painting was from the Renaissance time is because the painting is 3D, there are some people that are nude, and some that are not, and the people are active.
Credits: All media
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