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Design Principle: Contrast

The dark Blue background draws the attention to van Gogh's face. HIs face even contrasts his shirt really leading to a dramatic image
The pure white skin of the girl and the white dress make her stand out among the dark background. 
The pale skin contrasts with the dark background and the red sheet for a dramatic and outstanding look. 
The contrast of the white flowers against the dark background really brings the focus into the foreground of the image. 
The image brings our focus to the white horse and the knight. They seem to be mourning and upset. Drawing our attention to that can allow us to see deeper into the image and look at the desolation in the surrounding land. 
The Jade cup is photographed on the purple background to bring out attention to the intricate and the delicate cup. 
In the previous images our attention has been brought to the light image against the dark background. Contrast can work the other way as well. Here we see the dark figure being the center of focus on the white backdrop. 
Here the pale skin is contrasted agains both the dark background and the dark sheet that encloses the woman. 
This is an image using equal contrast throughout with the black and white to draw attention throughout the piece. Other principles such as perspective are being used to direct the attention as well as the contrast. 
This is a very interesting piece that uses contrast to define a split image of disaray. The colored images stand out among the black but even with the contrast it leaves the viewer confused as to where our attention should truly be. 
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