paintings of history

Historical pieces of America and how it all started.

I think this image shows much about history and our American Benjamin Franklin. This is a very historical piece that shows the discovery of electricity in America.
I find it interesting that on one side of the painting the sky is dark and on the other the sky is bright and yellow. This image shows war with the British fighting towards the light.
This is an image of Washington making a speech by the way it looks. I like the red and black in this image.
This is an image of this man Pat Lyon at the Forge possibly making tools or weapons. This is a historical piece because this is the way we have better innovations today.
This is more of nature than America and history itself. Nothing is focused on a person or item it is focussed on the world and what the earth was before humans.
This painting is very historical and shows times hundreds of years before this was made, it shows romanticism. This was the art that the Greeks made.
Again this is not focused on one thing it is the wilderness and Diana being chased by dogs and people with weapons. It shows that she is running into the unknown you can say.
This picture shows Jonas Platt reading or writing a document. Taking a still photo at this time took a long time to make, he is in this position for very long
Picture of our founding father George Washington. This is a historical piece because its a picture of the face of old America.
In these time periods there could be art about anything. In this painting it shows fruit on a table once again not focusing on one thing.
This painting has more fruits include,the title is very interesting. Melons and Morning Glories are fruits and flowers.
This painting stands out to me because of the way he is dressed and all of the dark colors in this image. You can tell he looks sophisticated because he is reading a book and not very many people knew how to read
This is a painting of a historical figure, the Pawnee chief known as Sharitarish. I liked this picture because of all the vibrant colors that make him stand out.
I really like this painting because of the dark colors, and sort of orange sky it makes me feel when I look at it. It shows Harper's Ferry a historic location of America.
I like this painting because of the green and brown colors. This picture represents nature of Virginia.
I like how this painting is so detailed and you can see the ships in the background. I also like how its painted facing up so you can see the sky and the horizon line, its also a little strange that the ocean is green.
I like this painting because the smaller birds are looking up at the larger red and black bird almost afraid of it. I also like the colors and detail in the birds.
I like this picture because it is different from all of the others its unusual that America would bring back the idea of nude people in art. This is also a closer picture of Diana the Huntress than in the other picture when she is running.
I find it interesting of how people were preserved in history. This is a way of remembrance of people back then.
This is how a typical child looked back then. I think they were valued much less than the adults.
This is a plain picture it is a sketch. This looks like family just holding each other.
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