Bianca Vazquez

Color Schemes

This artwork used cool colors. Cool colors include blues, greens, and violets. This painting has a great value of blues. The mood this art piece gives me is glommy because the shade of blue is dark.
This art used triadic colors. Which are red. yellow, and blue. The mood in this piece makes me feel calm, the colors in this aren't so bright. Which has a positive tone to it.
This piece has a monochromatic scheme to it. The mood sets a cold tone to me. The colors are mostly blue which makes the setting look as if it were cold outside.
This art work used complementary colors. The colors include a brownish to another color. The mood sets a plain attitude. The flowers are a downish color which dont seem so happy
This art work used warm colors in it. The oranges make the painting seem like a fall season. The mood sets a warm attitude just like the colors it used.
The artwork in here used analogous colors. The colors have blue and green which are close to each other in the color wheel. The mood sets a summery tone to it with all its trees
Credits: All media
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