Legendary Beings of Spirituality and Myth

Medusa, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster, real or fake? Regardless of what some people may believe, representations of what people think they saw exists in art. Examine how these legends have been portrayed throughout time from cultures around the world.

From Greek myth, Medusa was a monster believed to possess the curse of turning other to stone with just a glance. This bust of Medusa was crafted from marble, which symbolically captured her legendary curse. The snakes which took the place of her hair, repeat the message that she was a dangerous being that could be deadly to anyone who came in contact.
Known as Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil, this being symbolizes corruption and all that is evil. This drawing tells the story from the Biblical book of Genesis. In the story Satan uses a serpent to trick Eve into consuming the fruit from a tree that was forbidden by God. The lines of the wings and the ripples of the sky behind him give the illusion of movement, and the feeling of consumption.
The Bigfoot is believed to wander the forest. The folklore of some cultures believe he does exist, although no complete evidence of this being's existence has ever been found. Many believe that the creature finds a way to blend in to its surroundings. This representation of a Bigfoot is created from a hairlike material. The creature appears to be attempting to blend in with the surroundings. The colors that match the surroundings make the creature hard to notice upon short glance.
Dragons are legendary creatures that are included in the stories of several different cultures throughout history. This jar makes great use of positive and negative space to include a dragon upon it. Repetitive patterns and symbols are repeated all around. The arch of the dragon's body provides a rhythm to create a feeling of movement.
The Siren, or Mermaid as more popularly known has been included in the tales of sea voyagers throughout time. In this painting a male figure is being lured in by the beautiful creature. However, the transparency of the water shows that something dark is below the surface. The color of the Siren is bright and draws attention away from the hidden elements both the viewer, and male figure are overlooking.
In the Scottish Highlands there is believed to be a sea monster living in the nearby waters. The Loch Ness Monster is mythical creature that many people from the area believe is real. This photograph of a drawn picture shows a great amount of movement in the water. The movement represents that danger that could be living beneath.
The Centaur is a legendary being believed to be half-man and half-horse. This sculpture is a symbol of the powerful beast. The artist has created an image of playfulness, but with the might of a majestic horse. The singular color adds a layer of mystery to this unknown creature as to how it could exist.
Though not the main focus of this work of art, the movement of the legendary Unicorn carries the story. Proserpine is being abducted by a naked horse rider, while she too is without clothing. This work of art contains several lines which create all the figures included.
Zeus was known as the king of the gods. This work of art is Zeus sitting upon his throne. Though some of the pieces of his body are no longer connected to this work of art, the motion of his right arm indicates that he may have been doing something of importance. Was this legendary being raising a glass of wine? Or perhaps he was about to throw one of his lightning bolts.
Adam and Eve are the legendary beings from which the Bible begins. In this drawing Adam and Eve are innocent and unclothed. The lines from their arms indicate that they were just becoming familiar with each other. However, Eve holds the forbidden fruit behind her back. A fruit that Adam seems interested in knowing more about.
The Egyptian god Anubis is negotiating with the Pharaoh in this piece of artwork. This relief sculpture shows that offerings that the Pharaoh is placing before the god in order to receive his blessings. There are also plenty of symbols scattered across the sculpture.
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