7 elements

By: Omar Elagha

This work of art can be used as an example of one of the seven elements, space. This is because of all the space surrounding the image of the robe.
This picture is an example of line because of all the identifiable paths being made by one-dimensional figures. They are thick and thin lines, moving diagonally, horizontally, vertically, or in curved paths
This piece of artwork can be used as an example of shape. It has the shape of circles, rectangles, and triangles, which are all geometric or regular shapes.
This astonishing piece of art is an example of many things, but one specific one is the variety of colors or hues. You can see the colors blue, black, green, white, yellow, and many more.
This piece of art is an example of texture. In real life, if you go to see the picture, you can see that it is woven.
This is an example of value because of the different lighting aspects and effects. There is a bright side on the left of the painting, and it is dark on the right.
This final piece of art is an example of form. You can see the volume, length, width, and height. These different characteristics can be seen on the hare.
Credits: All media
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