Wild Birds

This gallery includes my interest in birds being represented in many different ways from many different cultures. Each artwork presents the birds beautifully by a variety of colours, textures, tones and emotions. It is really intriguing because nature is also included and it adds the extra effect of magnificence for the atmosphere of the work. The theme of my gallery, given from the title, is Wild Birds. All of the artworks I have chosen for this gallery goes with the theme of Wild Birds because these birds are being represented as free and wild birds, even though some artworks may not project this meaning properly with unique materials. This theme suits this gallery because each and every one of these artworks includes a bird on a branch or tree with other birds or is isolated. The word 'wild' describes this gallery because these birds are living in the wild and have their own personal freedom with no one controlling over them. These artworks would capture your attention quickly by their uncommon style, gorgeous colours and delicate details. Every single artwork in this gallery has a unique story to tell but all will be very similar to each other because of the use of birds. This gallery is very diverse because each artwork is different in its own way through its culture, symbols and representations. These different traditions have different ways of representing birds in their own way through its techniques and sizes of the birds. This is because each tradition has a particular bird that represents their culture example, the kookaburra is a bird that is greatly known in Australia because it is one of Australia's native birds.

Structural Frame: Parrots are overlapping each other on the branch. Vibrant colours from the feathers stand out. Their green feathers depicts the branch's leaves. Making them compliment the branch.
Cultural Frame: The artist comes from a Japanese background and cherry blossoms is a significant symbol of Japanese culture. This artwork is influenced by the meaning of cherry blossoms with birds.
Subjective Frame: Easily and quickly recognised as the feeling of being an outcast. A few birds are filled with rich and bright colours while other birds and background is in grey, black and white.
Postmodern frame: This artwork is a sculpture made from fused glass threads by a special machine. This takes art further because it steps out from traditional painting and is sculpture instead.
Credits: All media
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