HERCULES "THE MAN-GOD" - Terence pierce

This gallery includes a representation of my opinion of Hercules artwork created in various era's. The legend Hercules legend and myth lives on in artwork such as paintings, sculptures, and other mediums. 

The Colossal statue of Hercules created in the early Hellenistic period. Alessandro Algarve completed the restoration of the stature after it was discover by the church of Sant'Agnese. It depicts the heroic personality and strength of Hercules. He's stand with strong posture and holding what looks like a torch to me. Also holding the hind of Ceryneia to display the kill of Hydra.
Boy with a Dragon craved by marble and depicts a young boy name Hercules displaying incredible strength at a very young age. You can see a big smile on the young face of hercules while seating on serpent, having broken its jaw with his bare hands. The marble sculptures display soft features of a young boy with chubby cheeks and curly hair.
Hercules and the Hydra artwork depicts Hercules fighting the multiple-headed Hydra. Hercules wearing the skin of the Nemean lion he killed previously. The battle looks intense and this is indicated by Hercules hold a weapon in one hand and hydra neck in the another. You also can see Hydra tail wrapped around Hercules leg.
Hercules and Omphale illustrates that Hercules had been sold into slavery to the queen. The queen that enslaved Hercules was Omphale of Ludia. You can see small angels at the foot of the bed and one his holding the skin of Nemean the lion. Hercules and Omphale appear to be holding each other and kissing with passion.
Hercules Killing the birds of Lake Stymohalis depicts Hercules bending a hug long bow. The Hercules sculpture pointing the bow in the sky with his foot braces against a rock. The sculpture displays Hercules nude figure with muscles, almond shaped eyes, and jutting cheekbones. This piece emphasis Hercules strength and remarkable features.
Hercules strangling the Nemean lion depicts Hercules' strength and battle with the beast. You can see the headlock hold Hercules has on the lion. The detail in the artwork displays Hercules' muscles, his torn clothing and a lion running away form the battle in the background. This piece was painted with oil on cradle panel, traces red chalk.
Statue of Hercules displays Hercules holding wooden club over his left shoulder and the lion skin in his right hand. The wooden club is used several times with sculptors of Hercules. The lion skin is from his battle with the Nemean lion. The sculpture was created in marble, which has Hercules in the nude.Hercules also was craved with perfect posture.
Hercules and Nessus depicts a fight with a centaur. The bronze sculpture displays Hercules holding down a centaur named Nessus. Hercules looks to be using his strength, and wooden club to submit Nessus. You can see the struggle in Nessus body language and the posture of trying to get Hercules off his back.
Marble bust of Hercules depicts the son of a God. Hercules was half human and god. He was well-known, and respected character in mythology. This is evident given all the sculptures, paintings, other forms of art have been used and created to represent him. His Father was Zeus, god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods. He was the only man born of a mortal woman to become a god upon his death.
The Apotheosis of hercules depicts him riding on a chariot and holding a wooden club to the havens. You see other mythology Gods and Goddess in the clouds. The variety principle element was used in this artwork to grab your attention and have you engaged throughout this work of art.
Credits: All media
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