contrast in sentiment & color - (Rodney wamaitha)

emotion is accented with color in art as it will be personified throughout this gallery.

In this painting titled The Italian Comedians by Antoine Watteau you can get the sense of comic relief he aimed for here. In past times clowns used to wear white so he centers this figure in the middle who has a sort of a somber face because of the unrequited love from his love interest to his right side. The colors don't really stand out because there is no raw passion from the characters.
In the Portrait of a Merchant wealth can be seen through the execution of detailed color in the figures clothing. His coat is that of a royal red and brown. Also his golden rings are tell tell signs of a man who is doing well in trade.
In this painting "The cornell Farm" the livestock each have distinct colors and some patterns. In the cattle you notice a whole lot more of them with spots and the average color brown and white. The horses as well as the sheep. But with the pigs they are all grey and far off in the distance showing their significance and how they are viewed as dirty.
This is perhaps one of the most well known pieces of the 20-21st century. The scream by Edvard Munch is a pretty self explanatory piece. The colors are sort of disoriented to evoke the feeling of losing control and also to show how fear as personified in the figure can be a disorienting emotion.
In the Wounded Philoctetes by Nicolai Abildgaard there isn't a much variety of colors used here so the painter had a lot to work with in order to execute the emotion he wanted portrayed. You can see the character clenching at his foot and you can see the subtle red on his face to show that he is flushed.
The abduction of europa by Rembrandt you can see the princess europa being abducted by a bull who is jupiter in disguise otherwise known as zeus. All around the painting are signs of a tragedy happening. You can tell by the dark clouds in the background and also the darkness and density of the forest foretell of something sinister.
In the wedding supper by Martin Van Meytens there is a lot of display of love and wealth. Most of the attendants are wearing red which is the color representation of love in almost all cases. Then you have the golden background which shows that this is the wedding of a person with great stature in society.
In the abduction of Helen (of Troy) by Alessandro Turchi there are a lot of colors in play here. Helen who is in red is supposed to capture your attention. she is the love interest. The guard in green with a yellow cape almost symbolizes a guide. She trusts him because she is holding his hand gently and seems to not be in a state of panic.
Return of the prodigal son is a story almost everyone has heard of. This painting by Rembrandt just brings that story a little more close to home because of the visual aids. The background is kind of dark and indistinct showing what he has been through has been rough. The color in his tattered clothes have almost all faded away just like his hope until he returns home where love is. His father with a red coat.
The harvesters. Painting by Pieter Bruegell showcases farmers during a harvest. The colors or almost dull and grey to represent hardship and perseverance. You can see the color in the wheat is almost a faded brown. The trees and the grass are also losing some of their color. The sky is also grey.
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