power and money create corruption and inequality

When comparing Hammett and Jacob's work, the biggest similarities between the two consist of how power and money cause corruption and inequality in a community. Money is the greatest component of measuring value which typically results in the amount of power one has. With more power and money, it is easier to cause corruption or an inequality as we saw in both the books.

Power is often measured by money. In Red Harvest, many lives were taken due to greed of money which shows its power. Money can cause corruption, inequality, and power problems.
The man holding the gun shows how violence was a way to demonstrate power. It was an everyday things and a way to solve problems in Red Harvest. Violence is a way to show power which forms corruption and inequality.
The man in jail symbolizes the act of not having freedom anymore. When corruption is occurring, inequality is formed. This act of corruption and inequality eliminates one's freedom and power.
The Red Cross ambulance resembles safety which was an important aspect in both books. Due to the environment, both books lacks safety which was related to a lack of money.
The two different groups of people is shown to resemble the different social classes in both the stories. Rich and poor were forced to mix with one another within their community.
The tombstone is a symbol for death in Red Harvest and decay in The Death and Life of Great American Cities. Both are a result of exceeded power, money, and corruption.
In both books, an increase in crime caused an increase in corruption.The lampost (increased lighting) is symbolizing one of the solutions to reduce danger in the streets.
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