This image is example of a volumetric value. It is a example because it does show a shadow in the drawing since it is very white and there are dark spots in the middle.
This image shows high contrast. It shows high contrast because as you can see the man in the front is showing some emotions while the guys in the back aren't.
This image shows a cast shadow. It is a cast shadow because it shows a shadow of a person in the back of that women. This is why I know this image is a cast shadow.
This image is an example of a balanced image. It is balanced because it has the same amount of each color and it looks very equal since it has the same amount of white, and black. This is why this is an example of a balanced image.
This image shows attached shadows. It shows attached shadows because in each stair there is a shadow since it's light but also has dark shade in it.
This image shows low contrast. I think this because since high contrast is from black to white this picture doesn't show that. Also because low contrast images represent much smaller values from the value scale which means like this.
This image shows atmospheric perspective because it shows the clouds kind of farther away. Atmospheric perspective is one of the simplest ways to create the illusion of space. This definition goes with this image because it creates an illusion as the clouds look farther way.
This image shows the unbalanced term because there is more of one color than the other. You can clearly`see that there is more white than black in the picture which shows that it unbalanced. Balanced would mean that it's equal.
This picture shows chiaroscuro. I think it shows chiaroscuro because it has a dark background which means it is chiaroscuro. Since chiaroscuro means light to dark which means it is a illusion of space with a black background for contrast.
This image shows value scale because the color changes as you get to the middle. Value scale demonstrates the importance of context of value. In this image you can see that as you get to the middle the color gets lighter .
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